Enzo's Pig Stomach (Large)

Enzo's Pig Stomach (Large)

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Each piece is around 32x32cm. 

In appearance they are very flat, but they really do change the habit of how your dog chews making it a bit more of a challenge and lasting a good bit longer than an average natural chew. 

The large flat surface area on these are great for dental hygiene as due to the shape your dog will chew in a different way reaching different areas of the teeth and gums that do not normally experience much abrasion. 

100% air dried the texture of these is also very easily cut to make smaller chews if you wish to.

Size and colour will vary to that shown and or stated as this is a natural product. 

Ensure your dog is supervised at all times when having any treat or chew and that they have access to fresh water.

Please note these pieces may come split in two halves from time to time.

  • Grain free
  • Gluten free
  • 100% Natural
  • Digestible
  • Super tasty!


Do not feed if your dog is sensitive to any of the following ingredients: 100% Pork

Composition: Protein 69%, Fat 8.9%, Fibre 20.6%, Ash 2% 

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