Hairy Roe Deer Leg

Hairy Roe Deer Leg

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Hairy Roe Deer Leg

The hair on the Roe Deer Leg naturally supports the removal of any parasites from the intestinal tract. These long-lasting treats are air-dried to preserve many nutrients. A single source of protein, they are perfect for dogs with food sensitivities. A great source of protein and iron while being low in fat. Suitable for dogs of all sizes. And hairy treats mean they are also a great source of fibre and can form part of your dogs' natural deworming routine.

  • Single source protein - 100% Roe Deer
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Air dried
  • Dental Chew
  • Long-lasting Chew
  • Healthy and Nutritious
  • Natural Worming 

Composition: 100% Roe Deer

Nutritional Analysis: Protein 67%, Fat 18%, Ash 2.0%

Pls note: toy(s) not included. 

As with all; natural treats & chews, we recommend supervising your dog while feeding and ensuring that fresh clean drinking water is always available.
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