Celebrating Puppy services and charities you can donate to during the month of love

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According to the PDSA Animal Welfare Report 2023 (PAW Report), it is estimated that 53% of adults in the UK own a pet, with 29% owning a dog. This amounts to 11 million dogs in the UK alone, with the most popular breeds currently being the Labrador Retriever, French Bulldog, and Cocker Spaniels. However, according to the RSPCA, there were 16,040 dogs abandoned in 2023 alone, an increase on previous years. This is largely due to the COVID crisis and a rise in the adoption of dogs, seeing some shelters with empty kennels and then a boom of dogs being sent back once they returned to work. This was closely followed by the cost-of-living crisis where owners are giving up their pets if they feel they can’t feed them.

This is undoubtedly heart-breaking, but there are ways in which we can help even just a little to support these pups who deserve just as much love as our own pets. 


Supporting charities and services plays a huge role in ensuring the welfare and happiness of pets across the UK. We have countless organisations dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming dogs in need, and the collective efforts of these charities contribute significantly to building a compassionate and responsible society. 

By supporting where we can, the public can actively participate in reducing the number of stray and abandoned dogs, helping charities to provide essential medical care and finding loving forever homes. Aside from monetary donations, we can volunteer our time, offer fostering, and even adopt another four-legged family member from local shelters. These impactful ways make a positive difference, and by spreading awareness about both responsible pet ownership and the work undertaken by these organisations helps us create a ripple effect of empathy and understanding. 

Below we take a look at a small selection of dog and pet charities in the UK, some regional and some nationwide, who we can show some love to this Valentines. 



All Dogs Matter

“Our mission is to transform the lives of dogs and their owners.” 

All Dogs Matter is a London-based charity set up in 2009, dedicated to rescuing and rehoming dogs in need. The charity focuses on finding loving and permanent homes for dogs that may be abandoned, neglected, or those facing the risk of euthanasia. All Dogs Matter is known for its commitment to promoting responsible pet ownership and raising awareness about the plight of dogs in various situations. They have four core values: Care, Commitment, Collaboration and Determination, successfully rescuing and rehoming 331 dogs in 2023. 


Gables Farm

“Our aim is to provide all the love, attention and veterinary care our lovely animals need and find them all a new loving forever home.”

Gables Farm has been helping unwanted and abandoned pets for over a century across Devon, Somerset, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. They never put a healthy pet down or give up hope of finding their forever home, caring for over 80 dogs on a daily basis. They rely completely on fundraising, donations and legacies to support providing care, shelter and adoption services. You can also sponsor one of their residents or a pen, to help provide food and medical care. They list their upcoming events and ways to get involved regularly and accept volunteers. 



Good Life Dog Rescue

“Our mission is to continue to help many more stray dogs find the good life.” 

Good Life Dog Rescue is a small charity operating in South Yorkshire, helping over 250 stray dogs in 2023 alone. The charity passionately advocates for the welfare of stray dogs, particularly focusing on Stafford Bull Terrier and cross Staffies which are sometimes the last to find their forever home. Their goal is to swiftly transition dogs in their care to new homes by actively promoting adoptions through their website and media channels, ensuring both human and pup find lasting happiness together. You can sponsor a kennel or give a donation if you are not looking to adopt at this time. 


Guide Dogs UK

“We’re here to help people with sight loss live the life they choose.” 

A well-known national charity, Guide Dogs UK is the world’s largest dog assistance organisation. They are world leaders in puppy socialisation and dog training and are the only organisation to breed and train dogs in the UK. Set up in 1931, Guide Dogs UK have transformed 36,000 lives through guide dog partnerships and have a variety of ways in which we can support, including sponsorships, leaving a gift in memory, and operating a Guide Dog Lucky Lottery where all profits go towards the work of guide dogs. 



National Animal Welfare Trust 

“We are working towards a world where every pet thrives in a loving home.” 

The National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) was founded as an independent charity in 1971 but has roots dating back to 1958 when it was part of BUAV Dog Rescue.

Established with the primary aim of providing sanctuary and care for animals in need, NAWT has evolved into one of the top leading animal welfare charities in the UK, dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership and preventing animal cruelty. Their work includes animal rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming, ensuring that every animal receives the love and care it deserves. NAWT operates five rehoming centres across the south of the UK, offering a lifeline to abandoned, neglected, and mistreated animals. Their vision is to create a world where animals are treated with compassion and respect, and they continue to make a significant impact in the important field of animal welfare.



“We will always be here for every dog and cat.”

Founded in 1860, Battersea focuses on the wellbeing of all cats and dogs, committed to rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding them the perfect forever home. The charity operates three centres in London, one in Berkshire and one in Kent, providing a safe place for abandoned, stray, and neglected pets. Battersea also offers veterinary care, behavioural support, and a dedicated team to ensure that every animal receives the best chance for a happy and healthy life. They offer a wide range of ways to support alongside donations, including a lottery, challenge events and business partnerships. 



Blue Cross

“Helping pets and people, for life.”

The Blue Cross is a well-established animal charity operating across the whole of the UK, dedicated to providing care and support to pets and owners in need. The charity was founded in 1897 and has been consistently working to alleviate the suffering of animals. The Blue Cross not only rescues and rehabilitates pets facing abandonment or neglect but also endeavours to find them loving forever homes. They have pet food banks, charity shops and rehoming stations across the country, and provide free talks about responsible pet ownership. In 2023, they helped 24,940 pets with veterinary care, rehomed 5,322 pets and helped 20,536 people with their dedicated pet loss support service. 


Dogs Trust

“We believe all dogs deserve to live life to the full.”

Since 1891, Dogs Trust have been committed to the wellbeing of dogs and their owners. The charity currently stands as one of the largest and most prominent dog welfare organisations in the UK, with 22 rehoming centres across the country providing a welcoming space for dogs in need. 

Dogs Trust is known for its "A Dog is for Life, Not Just for Christmas" campaign, advocating for responsible pet ownership and the lifelong commitment required when becoming a dog owner. In 2023, they collectively cared for 12,546 dogs and were able to happily rehome 9,707. The charity offers veterinary care, educational programs, and campaigns against issues like puppy farming. Dogs Trust strives to create a world where every dog can enjoy a happy and secure life, and their work continues to make a significant impact in the realm of canine welfare. 




“Saving pets is what we do.”

Founded in 1917, the PDSA has been taking care of sick and injured animals for over 100 years, providing free and low-cost veterinary care for the pets of people in need. 

The charity operates through a network of pet hospitals and clinics across the country, focusing on preventive and emergency veterinary services, ensuring that pets receive essential medical care regardless of their owners' financial circumstances. The PDSA plays a crucial role in supporting vulnerable pets and their families, providing education and outreach to enhance the understanding of responsible pet care and delivering veterinary care and advice. The PDSA contributes significantly to the overall health and happiness of countless pets in the UK, producing the highly respected PAW report (PDSA Animal Wellbeing Report) to raise awareness, inspire action and inform government research to improve veterinary clinical practice and animal welfare for all. 


RSPCA - Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

“Our mission is to improve the lives of all animals; our main focus is to end the cruelty that animals suffer. “

The RSPCA is the oldest welfare charity in the world, caring and protecting all animals for 200 years and counting. Established in 1824, the charity has been dedicated to not only animal care and welfare, but to ending all animal cruelty. The organisation is unwavering in its commitment to the cause, using a multifaceted approach that includes rescue, investigation, ongoing campaigns, prosecutions, rehabilitation and successful rehoming. 

The RSPCA operates widely across the country, intervening in cases of abuse, neglect, and mistreatment. In 2020, dogs had the most reported incidents at a heart-breaking 56,563, closely followed by cats with 55,667 incidents in that year alone. The organisation actively engages in educational programs in schools to foster a culture of compassion, kindness and awareness of animal welfare. By tirelessly working to enforce and strengthen animal protection laws, the RSPCA plays a crucial role in ensuring that animals are treated with the dignity and respect they rightfully deserve. 


All of the charities above are dedicated to their mission and rely on our support to keep them operating. Of the very small selection mentioned, some are dog specific, but all are working to help our pets in need and appreciate all we can offer to support by way of donation, fundraising and other ways to get involved. 

Together, we can help every pet have the chance to experience the joy of a loving home and a brighter future, not just this Valentines but for the rest of their lives and beyond.  

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