Dog Friendly Attractions and Days Out in the UK

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The days are getting longer and the temperature is starting to climb, slowly. Flowers are blooming and summer getaways are being dreamt of. It can be hard to leave your pets behind with a sitter or a kennel. We should be able to enjoy it with you! If you want to take your pooch to join you on a holiday this summer, here are some pawfect suggestions for dog friendly attractions and days out in the UK...they'll be sure to get everyone’s tails wagging.

For History Woofs
Tintagel Castle, North Cornwall

If King Arthur is your favourite hero of legend, then this is the place to go. A perfect adventure whether you’ve never been to Cornwall, or you live just down the lane. Tintagel Castle has everything for a successful summer quest. There are mysterious ruins to explore, a secluded beach that is ideal for homemade picnics and a paddle in the bracing Atlantic. Though it is not for the faint of heart, you and your trusty pup must like heights and be comfortable with steep steps. It’s occasionally closed due to extreme weather, so it’s wise to check if they are open before you plan a visit.

For those with a nose for the gentler things
Brockhole Garden, Windermere

Brockhole Garden and Visitor centre is a choice day out for dogs and their companions. Poor hoomans only have 6 million olfactory receptors to our 300 million, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy smelling the flowers too. With roses, wildflowers, rhododendrons and many more kinds of blooms and shrubs, you’ll be spoiled for choice about what to stick your nose into this summer. If your summer calendar is already full, it’s a great choice for an autumnal getaway to see all the impressive fall colours. Dogs are welcome in the garden and grounds, the cafe and terrace, the exhibition area, and the shop - as long as they are well behaved and on a short lead. Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your doggy waste bags, they stock them in the cafe and there are plenty of waste bins around the garden.

Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Freshwater West is a brilliant dog-friendly attraction for pups who love exploring. There is a wide sandy beach to race on, which is also great for doggos who have leg or hip problems because the sand is compact at low tide. There are sand dunes to climb, though don’t get carried away digging for treasure in them as they can be fragile. With rocky reefs on one side and quiet bays to picnic in on the other, it has something for every kind of beach lover, including romantic sunsets. Dogs are allowed year round and there is a freshwater stream for them to drink from. Did I mention it is famous for excellent surf too?

Thrill for Families

Milky Way, nr Clovelly, Devon

Hoomans awarded this theme park Traveller's Choice last year and it’s dog-friendly too. If you have children and pets, this could keep them all happy. Canines can’t ride the coasters, but there is a clifftop train to let the wind tousle their fur and a 3,000 square metre maze to sniff their way out of. The kiddies can do a huge range of activities like games, rides, bird of prey shows, soft play, Jumping Jupiter bouncing pillows and even a pottery class. This year there is a new ‘Star Ninja Arena’ where the whole family (aged 6 and over) can overcome obstacles together. Sadly, no doggos allowed in this bit. 

(Dog) Showbusiness
GoodWoof, Goodwood Estate, Chichester, 20th and 21st of May

An attraction for the alpha dog. Goodwood hosts a weekend of competitions, demonstrations and nutritional advice alongside have-a-go activities for the dog who always wants to win. There is even dog yoga and reiki for the less competitive or elders, a dog lido to cool off in, and live music. Early Bird Tickets start from £30 for adults per day. Under 12s and dogs go free - WOO!

Ps. If you love poodles, get a ticket for Saturday because there's a Poodle Parade… or even better, you could sign your poodle up to participate. Each year the parade showcases a different breed, so if your pup hasn't has a go yet, don't worry - they could still have a chance.

Can’t get enough Walkies?
Hadrian's Wall

If your dog never wants the W-A-L-K to end and you have the wanderlust, this is the journey for you. From coast to coast the 73 mile Hadrians wall path can be walked in 7 days, but you can do a smaller section if you fancy a loooong day trip. Wherever you decide to start, there are many Roman forts, towers and turrets to stop in for a change of scenery and a bit of history or you can just hike on and on.

Let's sit... and watch the world go by!
Paws for Coffee, Hampton Hill, Twickenham

Do you prefer cafe society? This one really caters to us furry ones and prides themselves not just on being a dog-friendly cafe, but a dog-loving one! Avoid the noise of central London but enjoy a sophisticated carmelatafrappa and a Big Breakfast Wrap while your doggo scarfs a treat from the doggy meal menu which includes dog sausages, puppacinos, calves hooves and much more. Paws for Coffee also caters to vegan, vegetarian and gluten free hoomans and is open Monday to Sunday, 9am to 3pm.

A special treat for the social butterfly 
Unleashed, Nantwich, Cheshire

This one is for the doggos, but there are places for you hoomans to sit and stay dry while the puppers frolic in three acres of woodland. Plenty of new friends for them to make and a lake to swim in… and you don’t need to worry about them being off lead because it’s surrounded by a 5 foot high fence. It can be booked for private parties with several of your pets favourite furred friends too. Prices for socialisation sessions are £5 per dog per hour. The sessions can be for all dog types or specific size categories depending on day and time. Check out the website to find out what suits your doggo best. If you want to hire Unleashed privately, it’s £20 per hour for up to four dogs, each additional dog is £5 more.

If you have any recommendations for any pawsome places to visit then let us know, we'd love to be able to check out your suggestions. 

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