Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs

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Spring is well on the way, and along with that comes a very delicious and popular celebration - Easter! Organising a dog-friendly Easter egg hunt adds an exciting twist to this traditional event, along with many health and wellbeing benefits for both dogs and dog parents. Benefits include physical exercise, mental stimulation, and the opportunity to develop socialisation skills with other dogs and people. 

These events also reinforce training skills and provide sensory exploration, helping to develop your dog’s natural instincts and linking positive experiences with puzzle activities. In amongst all the fun to be had, we must also ensure the event is safe for all, so it is important to consider dog-friendly treats and ways to support interaction with new pets and owners, so that everyone involved can feel safe having fun. Before you start hiding meaty treats around the garden, here are a few tips and ideas for hosting a pawsome event.


Before hosting your dog-friendly Easter egg hunt, it's important to make some quick preparations. First, pick a spot that's safe and fun for dogs, like a secure garden or outdoor space. Make sure the area is free of dangers like toxic plants or sharp objects. Also, choose a date and time that works well for everyone involved, so both dog friends and their owners can join in the fun. 

Choose dog-safe Easter treats

When selecting treats for your games, it's important to prioritise their health and dietary needs. Avoid food items like chocolate, nuts or sweets that can be harmful to dogs. There are plenty of dog-safe snacks available; be sure to opt for high-quality options specifically designed for pups, ensuring they're suitable for everyone attending. Some of our favourites are these doggy doughnuts from Life of Riley and these banana and peanut butter sticks from Soopa. If your dog prefers something a little more savoury, these turkey coins from JR Pet Products are a great alternative to chocolate buttons, and are really easy to hide for Easter fun and games. By choosing safe treats, you can ensure that every pup enjoys the hunt without any risks to their tummies.

Egg alternatives

Instead of a traditional chocolate egg, consider using egg alternatives such as round and chewy toys or balls. We love these sassy political figures from Pet Hates Toys and these fun shaped starfish from Green and Wilds. These alternatives are safer for dogs to interact with and can provide hours of entertainment during the hunt. Plus, they're reusable, making them a sustainable choice for future parties. 

Plan your hiding spots 

When planning any successful Easter egg hunt, think carefully about where to hide your sought-after treats and toys. Choose hiding spots that are easy for dogs to find but still offer a bit of challenge to engage their senses. Consider varying the difficulty levels by hiding some treats in plain sight and others in more challenging spots, catering to dogs of different abilities, as well as varying the height and accessibility. This way, every dog joining in can enjoy the thrill of the hunt, whether they're a seasoned pro or a first-time pawticipant.

Incorporating interactive elements

To make your event even more exciting, consider adding interactive elements that will keep your furry friends entertained and stimulated. Introduce puzzle feeders or lick mats to challenge them mentally as they search for snacks. You can also set up fun agility stations like tunnels or hurdles to add an active element to the hunt and encourage physical activity. Additionally, organise interactive games such as fetch or tug-of-war to keep the energy levels high and ensure there’s a little something for everyone to get involved with. 

Create some hydration and rest areas

During your dog-friendly egg-stravaganza, it's essential to ensure that all furry friends stay hydrated and comfortable throughout the excitement. Set up water stations around the hunt area to keep dogs hydrated as they play, and designate rest areas with shady spots where dogs can take breaks from the fun and relax. You could also add a delicious dog-safe smoothie such as these apple and sweet potato drinks from Furrboost as a fun alternative to water. Encourage owners to keep an eye on their canine companions for signs of fatigue or overheating and provide them with enough rest as needed. 

Safety reminders and etiquette

During all the excitement and treat-tasting, it's crucial to prioritise safety and good etiquette for everyone. Politely remind guests to keep their dogs on leashes if needed or to be aware of any dogs that need a little more attention and control. Supervision is key to prevent any conflicts or accidents during the hunt, so make sure someone is always keeping an eye on the activities. Additionally, encourage dog parents to clean up after their dogs responsibly, disposing of any waste to keep the area clean and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Organising a dog-friendly Easter egg hunt is such a fun and rewarding way to include our pups during this celebration, and a great way to involve the whole family. Following these tips will help keep health and safety a top priority as you plan the hunt, ensuring a worry-free and enjoyable experience for all party guests. Remember to cater to everyone's tastes and abilities, so every pup can join in the fun of discovering tasty treats on their Easter-hunting adventure, and provide areas of rest and respite, so we can all recharge during the excitement. 

Have fun creating your own delicious dog-safe eggstravangza! 

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