Enzo’s Pet Pantry’s Christmas gift guide for cats and dogs

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As Christmas approaches, the whole family can be filled with anticipation and excitement. Our perfectly pawsome pets are just as thrilled about the approaching festivities as we start to create and decorate for the season, so what better way to celebrate together than by pampering them with a pawfect Christmas gift? 

Some of the gifts in this guide will be available to purchase at the Country Living Christmas Fair, in London 8th - 11th November - we are so excited to be attending, and would love to see you there! And the rest can be purchased from our website whenever you’re ready.  

In this festive gift guide, there is a selection of handpicked presents that will make your furry friends’ Christmas extra special. So, join us in starting the festive cheer as we share some of the most chew-tastic gifts for our much loved four-legged family members. 

 Let's make this festive season the most tail-waggingly purrfect to date!


Advent Calendars

Who doesn’t love an advent calendar? You’re never too old to have one and your pup will certainly enjoy the routine of a daily calendar treat as we countdown to Christmas morning. We stock the following tasty selections:

Venison and Turkey Premium Advent Calendar from JR Pet Products 

  • With 100% pure meat, this is a delicious indulgent treat for both dogs and puppies over four weeks old. The treats are low in fat, high in protein, and are hypoallergenic - perfect for our more sensitive dogs.  

Pure Ostrich Advent Calendar from JR Pet Products

  • This calendar is 100% pure ostrich meat treats, free from additives, preservatives, and are easy to digest. 

Countdown to Christmas Calendar from Green & Wild’s 

  • Another natural and healthy treat option filled with five different dog chews, all free from additives, and full of a range of flavours. The small chunk pieces are perfect for smaller dogs and make them perfect for training and rewards. Each window reveals a tasty daily treat from the following Green & Wild’s treat selection: Cornish Fish cake and Pumpkin, Fish Deli Cubes, Salmon Bakes, Yakety-Yak Puff Nuggets, and Wild Garden Herbal Bakes. 


Christmas Crackers

Our friends at Green & Wild’s have also created a festive-filled cracker specifically for dogs, containing three of their most popular treats. All are packed with honest, healthy ingredients without fillers, additives or preservatives, providing a complimentary treat to your dog’s well balanced diet. 


Treat Baubles

Not just your average bauble on a tree, this one is filled with British venison and duck dog treats from Innocent Hound. These are a great festive addition with dual protein, are hypoallergenic and also suitable for raw diet dogs. These are brand new for 2023 so we are very excited to test these out on Enzo and Maahi - we are sure they will be a firm favourite! 


Christmas Treats 

Along with our usual fabulous natural treats selection, we are also proud to stock these fabulous festive additions: 

Barktastic Baked Goods – Such a wonderful Woofmas selection of bakery treats are available from Life of Riley. They have created some delicious favourites such as Mince Pies, Christmas Puddings and Gingerbread Men which are pawfect for pups. These are also ideal for when Santa Paws is on their way - I’m sure they would love to be welcomed with a Mince Pie left out at midnight! 

Festive drinks – Wash down a tasty mince pie with an award-winning festive drink from Furr Boost, with flavours such as beef, broccoli, blueberry and chicken, squash and cranberry. Each drink is packed with health benefits such as supporting a healthy metabolism, good digestion, and calming anxiety. 

Chewy treats – For a little something tasty in between Christmas dinner, the handcrafted healthy treats for both cats and dogs are a must from Innocent Cat and Innocent Hound. These are air-dried to retain all their nutrients and are full of flavour. Cats can enjoy tastes of tuna, crab, venison and duck, while dogs can be drooling over wild game, turkey and cranberry, venison and apple. 


Christmas Toys

All of those tasty treats and chews will provide plenty of energy to enjoy some festive playtime Amongst our firm favourites, we are also stocking Kong Toys for both cats and dogs. 

Kong Wild Knots are toys containing a knotted rope skeleton within the toy, helping your dogs to use their natural instincts during play, and they provide a knobbly chewy texture to puzzle with. Kong Pull-a-Partz are pull apart toys for cats to tear to pieces quite happily, satisfying their natural hunting instincts, and supports plenty of catch and capture play games. 


Whether you are shopping for your curious feline or loyal canine, there are plenty of options for a delicious Christmas, helping them purr and wag with happiness throughout the season. We will be bringing as many of these festive toys and treats with us for the Country Living Fair, we can’t wait to see you there! 

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