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We have exciting news to share with you all! We have recently started stocking some new natural dog food from Marleybones.

This is big for us because up until now, we’ve only stocked dog treats and supplements. 🙂

Why have we chosen to work with Marleybones, or all of our other wonderful suppliers for that matter? 

You may have read in a previous post or blog about all my health issues (if not you can catch up on that here). These have been the driving force behind our selection process. Basically my mum says if she wouldn’t feed it to me, then she wouldn’t feed it to anyone else’s dog either… because only the best is good enough, obviously! 

Unconditional Love 

“Have you ever heard someone say “it’s just a dog”? Well, that someone most likely has not had the pleasure of owning a dog. We started Marleybones because dogs are so much more. They turn all us humans into happier people.”

When looking to form collaborations, we like to know more about the story behind the business. It’s important to us that we believe in who we work with and what we sell. 

So, when we were doing our research and sniffing around to make sure we’d be a good fit with Marleybones, I noticed lots of similarities between our business and theirs. 🕵

Both Enzo’s Pet Pantry and Marleybones were started because of our hoomum’s love for us (or perhaps in my mum's case, an obsession) and the desire to provide both high quality and healthy options for us doggos.

Like my mum, Marley’s mum Josephine and her aunt Mikala (who are originally from Denmark but now also live in London) were likely living and working corporate lives until a fluffy companion entered into their world and shook things up a little.

Marley is the CEO (Chief Eating Officer) at Marleybones. This rather handsome Golden Cocker Spaniel was the whole inspiration behind the business and like me, his name is in the title too. 

“He is the first dog Josephine got as an adult and she often says he is the love of her life.” 

As it turned out, Marley was both fussy and had a sensitive stomach, which meant Josephine was changing dog food more regularly than Leonardo DiCaprio was changing girlfriends” … Or the UK changes Prime Ministers. 🤣

“Wasted money, wasted food and overall, a real shit show (literally speaking).”

This all sounds very familiar to me. Thankfully we both have pawsome hoomums who are watching out for us.

While Josephine admits that they went through a lot of different dog foods, there was just always something that wasn’t quite right with any of them.

“The shelf-stable wet food was, on the contrary to fresh, often of lower quality and regularly caused an upset stomach. Being all fussy and spoiled, dry food was just not something Marley would entertain.”

This is when Marley’s mum and aunt came up with the idea to find a solution to their problem. They wanted to create a sustainably packaged, gently steam-cooked food with the same nutritional benefits as a fresh-frozen diet, but conveniently pantry-friendly. Yep, there’s another similarity, we’re a pantry too. 😉

Wanting to take their products to the next level, they developed their meals to be jam-packed with nutritious superfoods such as hemp, chia seeds and quinoa (a personal favourite of mine as I am allergic to rice 🙃), delicious meats and garden veggies for optimal canine health. 

In combination with their powerful supplements, toppers and tasty treats, they are tackling

the most common canine health concerns and insatiable appetites! Everything is served in recyclable packaging and they are proudly the world’s first and only dog food company with a guaranteed net-zero plastic footprint. I’m sure their neighbour Greta Thunberg would be impressed by their efforts. 🤓

Did you know?

So many people just aren’t aware of what's in the food that they are feeding their dogs. For some there may never be any issues and health problems may never arise but for others one of the major culprits can be what they’re woofing down. 

A problematic ingredient for many can be grain. Grain is used as a filler and bulks out so many of the commercial dog foods you see in the shops. Dogs are not natural grain eaters, looking back in history their diets have mainly been meats and vegetables. 

Lots of dog owners are starting to opt for a grain free diet as it’s easier for their dogs to digest. And let’s be honest, nobody likes to pick up a mushy/sloppy poop. 😂 Evidence linking grain consumption to allergies and obesity is also beginning to become much more openly talked about. 

Why is grain free dog food good for your dog?

Marleybones have explained this in great detail over on their website but in short:

A grain-free diet is recommended for dogs that may suffer with allergies or have sensitivities to grains (just like muggins over here 😕).

Grains are difficult for us dogs to break down. They can cause hideous inflammation in your digestive tract and other nasty stuff to your gastrointestinal system. Believe me when I say, that sh*it isn't pretty! 😳

Grain-free dog food is higher in protein and fat, both of which are essential and beneficial when keeping your dogs healthy and in tip top condition. That being said, do make sure to research the products you choose, as some are not as complete or balanced as they state and may lack those essential nutrients that are needed for your dog.

Obviously it goes without saying that a grain-free diet may not be the answer for every dog, afterall, we are all unique individuals with different needs, so please do have a chat with your Vet for some advice if needed.

Is Marleybones wet dog food grain free?

“Yes – all our wet dog food is grain-free! Many believe quinoa (one of our ingredients) is a grain, but it is in fact a seed that is harvested from a tall, leafy plant and that is nutrient-dense, high in fibre, packed full of essential amino acids and a great source of energy for dogs. Quinoa is actually more of a relative to spinach or beets. Because they are cooked like a grain, they seem to get lumped into the same grain category. We even found a family-owned business that grows it right here in the UK”

They offer grain-free wet dog food of high quality, made from British free-range chickens, grass-fed beef and lamb, and Scottish hand-reared salmon. Their meals are nutritionally balanced and created by experts to keep your dog healthy and happy.

“With Marleybones, you can be sure that your dog is getting the best possible nutrition.

And that is exactly why we have chosen to stock them. So without further ado… Here’s a big HELLO and welcome to Marley and team. 🥰

Paws out 🐾


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