Pet Hates Toys Donald Toy

Pet Hates Toys Donald Toy

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Pet Cat

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Let your furry pal unleash some revenge with the Donald (Cat & Dog) Toys!

This cheeky caricature of Donald Trump, the Fake Chews pet toy, is sure to get tails wagging and purrs of pleasure! Get ready for a real hoot - no shenanigan needed!

Playtime politics don't stand a chance against Donald Toy! Whether your pup's after a chew toy or your mog needs a claw sharpener, Donald's just the ticket. His parody design features a vivid suit and self-assured face, all in a sunny 'state-side orange' hue. But it's the plush fabric quiff that seals the deal - letting your furry friend channel presidential chic without all the drama!

  • 100% unofficial, and unendorsed parody toys. 
  • Toys tested to child safety standards in EU, USA & Australia/NZ 
  • Made from strong poly-canvas material and stuffed with polyester.
  • Designed to be durable. The body and arms are constructed from one piece of fabric, making them perfect for tug of war or sharp claws.
  • All dog toys are complete with 2 squeakers! One in the head, and one in the tummy.
  • Both squeakers are within nylon pockets, giving you that extra bit of time to retrieve the toy should the pooch gain access.
  • CAT TOY: Made from a strong poly-canvas material and stuffed with polyester and catnip.  Catnip sewn into pocket in tummy.
  • Reinforced the seams of PHT's political parody toys with a cotton ribbon, but Donald is not indestructible, so carefully monitor play.
  • He is not intended for strong chewers.
  • The political cat toys are NOT intended for dogs, as they contain catnip.

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