Grain-Free Nutrition: Understanding the Benefits for Dogs

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In today's blog, we’ll be discussing the importance of being aware of what is in our dog’s food. It’s important to know the ingredients in our pets’ meals because like us, our pooches can have allergies, as well as likes and dislikes. Enzo has inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) which made puppy life particularly difficult, with frequent vomiting and diarrhea, and a few months later, medication for this led to further and ongoing complications. Enzo became intolerant to his previous diet and we had to work tirelessly to provide him with all of the proteins that he needed. Hours went spent looking at ingredients to find out what could have been the cause of all of the problems.

This is why Enzo’s Pet Pantry was born, providing pups with high quality food, drinks, and treats, with vegan options available. Our products have been tested by Enzo, Maahi and their pals, to ensure a delicious taste and happy tummies. Looking for suitable alternatives to grains can be a tricky rabbit hole to navigate, which is why we’ve put together some of our very best and tastiest treats for your furry friends, to make this process a little bit easier for you. 

Vegan options:


If you prefer to feed your dog a vegan diet, we offer multiple grain-free and meat-free vegan options for your pets. Dental sticks are a great product that helps to eliminate that doggy bad breath, as well as helping keep those pearly whites clean.

Soopa Dental Sticks: Banana & Peanut Butter

Soopa Dental Sticks: Cranberry and Sweet Potato

Soopa Puppy Dental Sticks: Banana & Pumpkin

Soopa Dental Sticks: Kale and Apple

Non-vegan options: 


We stock a range of grain-free pates, suitable for all kinds of tastes and preferences, made with 100% fresh meat, allowing your pooch to get their protein in. Patés are a brilliant food option to use on a lickimat or other enrichment toys. See our latest blog for the benefits of enrichment and entertainment!

Chicken Paté

Beef Paté

Lamb Paté

Salmon Paté 

Turkey Paté

Wild Boar Paté

Goat Paté

Meat sticks 

For a tempting treat, we offer 100% natural meat sticks with a variety of flavours. They are a brilliant source of protein, low in fat and are suitable for a whole range of allergies. These delicious sticks are a great option for training as the delicious taste acts as a tasty reward. 

Rabbit Sticks

Pure Duck Sticks

Pure Beef Sticks


To wash all of those tasty treats down, we offer a range of delicious drinks for your dog to enjoy, with a variety of flavours to suit any taste and preference. Add to your dog’s daily water and relax knowing that their digestion, circulation, body temperature regulation and more are sorted. 

Furr Boost Drink: Chicken, Butternut Squash & Cranberry 

Furr Boost Drink: Pork, Apple & Sweet Potato

Furr Boost Drink: Beef, Broccoli and Blueberry

The benefits of a grain-free diet 

Although it was the case for Enzo, it may not be completely necessary to go grain-free in your pooch’s diet. It’s certainly something to consider if your dog has particular health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, IBD, yeast infections and more. But it’s always important to check with health professionals and do your own research before making the switch to best benefit your dog. 

Grain-free diets include benefits such as providing many nutrients with fewer calories, helping dogs on the slightly overweight side to lose a bit of weight and avoid further weight related health risks. Grain-free diets can also help to manage insulin levels and thus, blood sugar in your dog. This can help if your dog has diabetes. 

In general, dog food with low quality grains and carbohydrates are difficult to digest and can lead to discomfort and the other previously mentioned symptoms that poor Enzo suffered with as a pup. Nobody wants to see their beloved pet in pain or discomfort. 

Later this year, we’re actually going to be offering dietary consultations for our valued EPP customers, as Vaneeta is going through her canine dietitian training at the moment. We’re always happy to give advice if you’re browsing our products, but we’ll be offering more in-depth guidance - so please watch this space! 

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