The Benefits of Outdoor Play for Pets : Keeping Your Furry Friend Happy and Healthy.

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The sun is shining and just like that, we’ve forgotten all about those rainy days behind us. It’s not only us feeling the benefits of those beautiful blue skies, our furry friends benefit greatly from them too. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing just how beneficial outdoor play is for our dog’s health and wellbeing.

Physical health 

It’s a no-brainer that there’s much more space outside than there is inside. Trust us, everyone’s had to experience a dog with the zoomies getting a little too excited indoors. Being outside is beneficial for both cats and dog’s exercise, and depending on their size, age and breed depends on just how much they need and how frequently is necessary. 

Getting more exercise by being outdoors helps to keep your pets fit and healthy, reducing the risk of obesity and all of the health risks that comes with it, as well as keeping muscles and joints in tip top shape. You may need to keep your dog on a lead during walks in busier areas. We’ve done our research and found this extendable dog lead on amazon which is great for keeping your dog close, whilst still allowing them to explore. 

Always remember to keep hydrated during outdoor playtime, both for yourself and your pet, to prevent overheating and dehydrating. Always test the ground temperature before going for a walk or a run to make sure it isn’t too hot for those paws.

Mental stimulation 

Much like me and you, not only does being outside benefit your pet’s physical health, but also their mental health. Outdoor play can significantly reduce stress and anxiety in our pets, and everybody wants their pals to be as happy as can be! Outdoor play is also essential for a pet’s mental stimulation which can in turn reduce boredom.

We’ve compiled a few enrichment items that dogs can use outside on those sunny days in your garden to keep the mental stimulation going and boredom busted. They’re great for dinner time or even for a tasty treat and will keep your pooch entertained for a great amount of time! 

LickiMat® Oh Bowl 

LickiMat® Boredom Buster Feeding Mat

LickiMat® Classics food enrichment mat for cats and dogs

CIIVURR Snuffle Ball

It’s important to remember however that no matter the weather, it is still so important for our dogs to get their exercise in. So, for those rainier spring days, whack those wellies on, pull out the raincoat and get ready for some outdoor time because remember, it could be the best part of our furry friend’s day! 


When enjoying the outdoors in public spaces, it acts as an opportunity for your pet to interact with other pets, as well as other humans too. It allows them to communicate and sometimes even play with one another. Just remember, some dogs act as service dogs so, whether they are on or off duty, their owners or trainers may not be too keen on much interaction with other pets, it is important to keep your pooch close by just in case this situation occurs, and keep your dog under control. 

Additionally, remember to be mindful of reactive or anxious dogs. Always ask the owner first before interacting with their beloved pet. One final disclaimer for those of you going on countryside walks is to be wary of horses, who can find dogs frightening and if they are being ridden, can be harmful to the rider. Always remember to keep back and step aside to allow the horse to pass or follow the rider’s polite instructions which are best for keeping you and your pet safe. 

Tips for incorporating more outdoor activities into their routine 

When it comes to your home, there’s plenty of ways that you can incorporate outdoor time into your dog’s day, without even leaving the house. Some of these activities require a little bit more space, but there’s still plenty of options or alternatives if you’re a little bit restricted on room.

Perfect for physical, mental health and stimulation, obstacle course equipment is easy to set up and hassle free. Here are a few items that we’ve found, but there’s a whole rabbit hole of options ranging in price. 

YGORTECH Dog Agility Training Equipment

Trixie Dog Agility Obstacles

PawHut Pet Agility Training Equipment

Alternatively, there’s been a rise in popularity for dog enrichment centres, where you can book a private or public session for your pet to play. If you don’t have much space and time to set up your own, it could be a great alternative to see if there are any locations near you! 

Another fun activity is a paddling pool for your dog, it doesn’t have to be huge but if your dog is a lover of swimming, it could be great fun for them. You could even take bath time outdoors for your dog as a nice way to cool down in the sun. SJust remember to always keep an eye on your beloved pets whilst they’re playing in the water and keep the water level shallow just in case their doggy paddle fails them. 

You even have the option to fill the pool with ball pit balls which is a fun and enrichment filled activity for your pet. Here are some balls and pools that we’ve found that could be a lot of fun for you furry friends this spring and summer. We’ve also included a pet-friendly buoyancy aid so you can be worry free and just enjoy your time with your pets. 

Straame Playballs 

Nobleza Dog Paddling Pool

Foldable Splash Pad 

CITÉOILE Dog Life Jackets

We hope you enjoy the sunnier days ahead of us whilst making fantastic memories with your pets. Remember to always be mindful of others and to always keep yourselves and your furry friends safe. Happy playing! 

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