Top Tips For Training Your Puppy

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In case you’ve yet to see our little bit of family news… dad only went and bought a bloody puppy.

Let me introduce you to Rebel the Corgi, the newest member of the family and a royal pain in my fluffy butt. 

Rebel came from a litter of 9. When mum and dad asked for the most confident puppy in the litter, I’m not sure they quite understood what they were letting themselves in for. 🙄 

I’m not going to lie and tell you it was love at first sight nor was it like a reunion on Long Lost Families. There’s no way in hell we’re related - I mean just look at her! 

She tries to chew on my tail, paws and ears. She launches herself at people’s faces and nibbles on their toes but I have to admit, she’s quite funny and is actually growing on me 😂 I mean, she hangs off me 24/7 so maybe that’s why. 

So,  let’s talk puppies and all the annoying things that they do. And more importantly, how to nip those bad puppy habits in the bud. Trust me, training your puppy properly is going to be the best thing you can do for the whole family. 

 Weeing (all over the shop)

If you find that your new pup is having a hard time learning that it’s not acceptable to piddle all over the house, then you could try a few things.

  • Look out for when your puppy is sniffing around the floor - this is usually a big signal that they need a tinkle. 
  • Take them outside often and to a specific area, especially after they’ve finished playing, been fed or taken a nap. They will get used to their own scent and know where to go in the future.
  • Feed them at specific times so that they get used to a routine. 

Don’t punish your pup if they have an accident; they’ll take time to learn your house rules. Puppy pads have never been something that we’ve seen much success with as you’re essentially encouraging them to wee in the house which is the opposite of what we want! 

Have some Soopa Pets Puppy Healthy Training Bites and calm praise ready for when they “go” in the right place. There’s lots of flavours to choose from in the Soopa range, you’ll be sure to find something that your pup will love. 

They’re ideal training treats for puppies who love to chew. Made with 100% natural ingredients, these healthy bites are the perfect treat to keep your puppies teeth looking and smelling as clean as ever. 

They’re also suitable for puppies over 3 months old, low in fat and easily digestible treats that are kind on tummies and tasty on tongues making them the perfect reward for good behaviour.

Chewing (everything and anyone)

Biting and chewing is natural but it’s really not something you want to encourage. It might be cute and relatively pain free now (although those tiny puppy teeth can be killer at times), but as your doggo gets older, it could become a real problem. 

Like human babies, your pup may be teething and although it’s annoying for you, it’s equally as uncomfortable for your little fur ball too! This period could last up to six months, so if you don’t want your fancy shoes shredded, make sure to have suitable and safe chew toys that you can give them in exchange. 

Check out our Boris Johnson Dog Toy from Pet Hates Toys. He’s dressed in a vibrantly printed baggy suit, complete with untucked tie and a fabulous mop of blonde hair made from plush fabric. 

In my opinion, he’s perfect for a good chew, regardless of your political views. 


It’s really important to socialise your pup as soon as possible, not just with other dogs but people and places too. The sooner they become comfortable with unfamiliar noises, smells and environments, the better. It’s no fun having a puppy who becomes super needy and struggles with anxiety. You can read my previous post about ways to manage some of those issues here

Us doggos are generally and naturally social butterflies but in case we need a little encouragement, I’ll repeat, we love treats! Try and keep socialisation plentiful yet structured in the early days. Ideally, not every single dog, hooman or lamp post should be freely available. Your pup does need to learn boundaries too, otherwise you’ll end up with a fully grown doggo down the line that flattens everything and everyone it encounters. You know the ones I’m talking about! 

Why not stock up on some ByBenji Training Treats? They’re the perfect bite-sized sausage treat, made from marinated and minced premium silverside beef.

Puppies love them as their soft texture makes them easy to chew. The 30g sized pocket pouch is the perfect way to ensure your dog never misses a ByBenji moment. Just the right amount to last the day and you can fill them up again from any of ByBenji’s bigger bags. Always have your Biltong close to hand - and paw!

I’m sure there’ll be a few more things that I’ll learn about the whole puppy training thing over the coming weeks and months but for now, I’ll leave you to digest these tips.  

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Paws Out 🐾

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